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Be a part of an accessible tomorrow. Join the Movement

When inclusive principles guide design, it often results in innovations that benefit a far broader audience than originally anticipated.

Josh, a SnapSlide user

Our Mission

At SnapSlide, our mission is to pioneer industry-leading solutions that uplift every individual, regardless of physical ability, while advancing sustainable initiatives. We're setting a new standard for sustainability and inclusivity.

Our solutions universally enhance experiences for all users, but for those who face unique challenges, they become a means to adapt. Beyond enhanced user experience, our mission reflects our vision of an inclusive and sustainable future.

Who We Help

Americans permanently or temporarily unable to use one of their arms/hands.

Americans with dexterity issues who struggle every day with any kind of opening procedure.

Americans with no significant disability who will prefer SnapSlide's intrinsic benefits.

Beyond Utility; 9 in 10 Prefer SnapSlide

SnapSlide’s design isn't limited to innovation alone; it resonates with users universally. For those facing daily challenges, SnapSlide empowers with newfound independence, making essential medication accessible. For others, it's a significant improvement in ergonomic convenience. This is not just our assertion; 9 in 10 respondents prefer the SnapSlide closure on their medications. Beyond utility, SnapSlide stands as a testament to the power of inclusive design — catering to all, and chosen by most.

"Nearly 9 in 10 respondents, regardless of their mobility would prefer a SnapSlide closure on their medication.”

*2/3 Are More Likely to Switch to a Brand Using SnapSlide

*538 Respondents | 95% Confidence interval | Full report available upon request | Independent survey conducted by Alter Agents®

“This is an absolute God-send to me.”

Real voices. Real reasons. Discover why SnapSlide matters to Walter.

SnapSlide hand holding cannabis container

A New Age of Accessibility Unfolds

Together we can shape a more accessible, sustainable future. Book a call with us to discuss SnapSlide applications for your unique market needs.