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Be a part of an accessible tomorrow. Join the Movement

Discover the simplicity and innovation behind SnapSlide.

A One-Handed Process

Accessibility in three steps.

Step One

Hold and press with one hand.

A hand holding SnapSlide Rx

Step Two

Slide to open with one hand.

A hand holding SnapSlide Rx

Step Three

Slide back and “Snap” to lock.

A hand holding SnapSlide Rx

Inclusive Design: Universal Benefits

Key Features & Innovations

One-Handed Operation

Requiring significantly less force to operate, this no-torque closure requires only one hand to open close & close. It’s a snap.

CPSC Child-Resistant

SnapSlide meets CPSC child-resistant criteria. With a distinct open-profile, when it looks closed, it is.

Closure Stays Secured to Bottle

SnapSlide closure remains securely attached to the bottle, providing an enhanced level of convenience.

Audible Snap

SnapSlide closes with an audible snap! Both audible stimuli and a visible change to the closure indicate a secure closing, providing an additional dimension of safety.

Source Reduction

The unique form factor optimizes plastic usage while maintaining similar cost with limited conversion.

Metered Dosing

Because SnapSlide’s closure stays securely attached to the bottle, medication dispersal can be regulated by adjusting the opening size.

A New Age of Accessibility Unfolds

Elevating Industry Standards: SnapSlide revolutionizes user experience and establishes a new benchmark in accessibility.

Easy Access: No Torque Required
Highly Resource Efficient
Audible & Visible Operational Feedback
Closure Stays Attached
Requires Significant Torque
Not Resource Efficient
No Audible or Visible Operational Feedback
Closure Can Be Dropped or Misplaced

"With this product, I was able to do something that everybody else could do."

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