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A Platform for Change

Discover how SnapSlide revolutionizes accessibility through the stories of those it empowers.

Photos of users

First Time Reactions

– Abilities Expo 2024

"SnapSlide is one less problem I have to solve."

JoshMilitary Veteran, Brachial Plexus Injury

"This is an absolute God-send to me."


"I love it. I would switch pharmacies."

ToneyPerson Without Visible Disability

"SnapSlide can help him gain back some of the independence that he has lost."

JillFather Has Muscular Dystrophy

"With this product, I was able to do something that everybody else could do."

JulieStroke Patient

"They can just easily do it with one hand."

LorrainePhysical Therapist Assistant

"SnapSlide works for me; I don’t work for it."

DenisseUpper Limb Difference

"Safe, revolutionary, necessary."

DavidPerson Without Visible Disability

"If I could describe it in three words; so much better."

NickAmateur Boxer

A New Age of Accessibility Unfolds

Discover how SnapSlide is redefining the boundaries of design, ensuring everyone benefits.