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A New Age of Accessibility Unfolds

Discover how SnapSlide is redefining the boundaries of design, ensuring everyone benefits.

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Revolutionizing Access: From Rx to OTC

Innovation in every shape, explore the lighter, more accessible new standard in access.

“I love it. I would switch pharmacies.”

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Allies In Advocacy

"SnapSlide addresses two public policy issues that are of interest to AMERIPEN - inclusive design and source reduction. SnapSlide appears to present new options for the value of packaging to impact consumers of various abilities. Additionally, SnapSlide’s source reduction possibilities appear to be a practical contribution to a multi-factor issue facing the packaging industry and the world at large. We are very interested to see how SnapSlide's technology will intersect with these two important public policy issues."

Dan Felton, Executive DirectorAMERIPEN

"SnapSlide capitalizes on a huge design deficiency in modern-day packaging by inclusively designing for individuals living with hand dexterity issues. Their one-handed design not only improves functionality but also ease of living for individuals who struggle with hand function. As someone involved in product Development & marketing specific to the disability community, this product will change the daily lives of millions without question."

Scott Stone, PresidentCommunity Conscious

"I am continuously informed of patient concerns in accessing their medicine. One common concern that is often overlooked is the extreme difficulty in opening many types of packaging. There are millions of US consumers who suffer from arthritis, MS, chronic pain, etc., which can often make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to open their medicine without caregiver assistance. SnapSlide offers consumers a solution that is both disability friendly and child-resistant, allowing independent access to their medicine."

Debbie Churgai, Executive DirectorAmericans for Safe Access

Beyond Accessibility: Inclusion Drives Innovation

Bridging innovative and inclusive design with multifunctional applications. Let's discuss applications for your market's needs.