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“I can’t use the bottles they give me at the Pharmacy.”

Rocky Batzel and his grandmother

 My grandmother would say this because she didn’t have the hand strength and dexterity to open a traditional Rx closure. The result? My mother would have to drive to the house and open the bottles for her, after which she would simply leave the caps off the bottles for convenience. This worked until pills spilled or the grandkids came over, and the need for properly closed child-resistant packaging became more critical. 

Seeing this cycle repeat itself day after day was my inspiration to reinvent the child-resistant Rx closure. Once I began researching, I discovered a dynamic in which millions of Americans struggle with the process of opening and properly closing currently available child-resistant closures - day after day. 

After extensive experimentation, a solution began to emerge. Remove torque from the process, and you remove what is impossible for many and disliked by most: Using two hands to squeeze/push while twisting. Once twisting was removed from the design, the developmental process focused on balancing operational-forces and human factors. Dozens of iterations resulted in an innovative closure that provides accessibility to large but marginalized demographics while significantly improving the general users’ experience.

What started as a problem to solve for my grandmother has become a mission to bring adaptive packaging to the world and establish a new standard in pharmaceutical packaging.

- Sincerely,Rocky Batzel, SignatureRocky Batzel, Inventor